Bloatware is one of those things that annoy budget smartphone users a lot. Not only do they take up space and consume RAM of your smartphone, but also send you spammy notifications. But the question here is “why do they exist in the first place”. We answer that and also tell you how to get rid of them in this episode of Elemental where we talk about the smaller things in tech that make a much bigger impact on the real world.

How to Remove Bloatware From MIUI 12 Devices:

How to Remove Ads and Bloatware From MIUI 11 Devices:

More on Bloatware:

Samsung Galaxy S4’s Bloatware Issue:,pre%2Dinstalled%20apps%20and%20software.

More on Third Party App Stores:

How Samsung Rewarded its Users to Use Galaxy Store:

How Smartphone Makers Make Profits Off Bloatware:

The Case Against Bloatware on Cheap Smartphones:

OnePlus on Removing Pre-Installed Facebook App:

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Definition of Bloatware
1:40 Samsung Galaxy S4 – King of Bloatware?
2:18 Why Does Bloatware Exist?
4:37 Bloatware on Old Nokia Phones
5:27 Motivation of Profits in Bloatware
6:01 Why Bloatware Doesn’t Exist on Premium Phones
6:57 Data Collection by Bloatware
7:47 Conclusion

Anchor, Video Editor and Animator: Shubham Raheja (

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