RU or the Regional Utilisation is the % of total unit sales in your region (local+zonal) to the total unite sales

RU = Regional units(local+zonal)*100/total unit

In this video i have explained what is regional utilisation?
Why regional utilisation should be 30% in flipkart to becouse a gold seller?
How to increase the ru ie. regional utilisation?


अगर आप भी flipkart पर अपना सामान बेचना चाहते है या आप flipkart के customer है तो ये वीडियो आपके लिए ही बनाई गई है | Do you know how much a seller earns on Flipkart? How to be a seller on Flipkart for free?

Flipkart is a biggest marketplace and online selling plateform in india and in the whole world too. So if you are a seller or a buyer of flipkart, you must watch this video in order to get the whole idea of how a seller earns on Flipkart and how much he actually earns.

Flipkart and flipkart sellers has a unique ecosystem around us which helps you to buy everything online 24*7.

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