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Episode 76: Veer Tell Amirt About His Past
Randhir decides to go away from the life of Amrit. Veer is drunk, Amrit tries to erase the mark for his hand but Veer denies it. Amrit handcuffs Veer and erase the mark and ask him why Nalini hates him so much. Veer tells Amrit about his past and the reason Nalini hating him. watch the full episode now.

About Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye?:
1947 Lahore, The Union of India – The country is sensing its freedom from imperial rule, the colonizers are finally on their way out. People all over the country imagine a better future for their kids, lovers are ready to give their hearts away again. But amidst all the glory and rosiness, an internal conflict is brewing. A cloud of uncertainty looms over the country.



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