Here’s presenting episode 2 of #LostinLadakh to all of you! In this series, we have covered Leh, Stok, Karzok, Merak, Nubra Valley, Turtuk, and Kargil in this uber-exciting trip through Ladakh. In this episode, we reached Karzok after Leh and met up with the good people from 4play who were organizing a massive event with Kieren D’souza. We also met some creators like @Ronnie & Barty and @Prakriti Varshney. Get ready to experience Ladakh packed with adventure, hidden gems & unforgettable experiences like never before. 😊

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Do follow Kieren in his other adventures in his own vlog series produced by 4play here:
P.S. I’m also a part of this episode!

You may skip to the following points in the video for more information:

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Episode 2 – Inspiration
0:40 Day 1 at Karzok
1:16 Sponsored segment (ad)
2:12 Plan for the day
2:15 Who is Kieren D’souza?
2:38 We have a mountain guide with us
3:13 The much-awaited collab!
3:30 Jamming sessions in Karzok
4:00 Let’s spot some wildlife in Ladakh
4:37 What real off-roading looks like
5:14 Tso Moriri
5:19 You’re not ready for this swag!
5:51 The lake
6:07 Could we actually spot black-necked cranes?
6:23 When Insta bug bites you (reels!)
7:01 Why should you *definitely* visit Tso Moriri?
8:00 Day 2 at Karzok
8:11 Learning the Geography of the Trans-Himalayas
8:34 Mentok Massive
8:47 Rupshu valley
9:55 Who coordinated our experience?
10:45 Can anyone climb a 6000m peak in 13 hours?
11:25 Skateboarding in Ladakh!
12:24 Slacklining
13:45 Was it worth bringing a skateboard in Ladakh?
14:51 We watched Milkyway from the darkest village
15:16 Day 3 at Karzok
15:44 Can running in the mountains turn into your career?
16:33 What’s the difference between ultra, trail, and basic running?
17:26 How did it start?
18:02 Why Karzok?
18:39 What is this project all about?
19:15 How do people support themselves in the profession?
20:40 Picnic at the base of Mentok Kangri
21:30 Peaks covered so far by Kieren
23:30 It’s a wrap

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This is an original videos series #LostInLadakh by Tanya Khanijow
Shot by Micheal Negi, Eshan Joshi, Ashwin and Tanya
Edited by – Micheal Negi
Drone shots by – Ashwin KC
Produced by Tanya Khanijow


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