This is episode 4 of #LostinLadakh ! In this series, we have covered Leh, Stok, Karzok, Merak, Nubra Valley, Turtuk, and Kargil while travelling through Ladakh. In this episode, we reached Tirith village, Nubra Valley after Pangong Tso and stayed at Osay Khar Resort. This place is comfortable and also offers a farm to table experience of Ladakhi cuisine if you like that. The Khambir bread was one of my favourites. Ashwin wished to try some light painting in Ladakh and the episode ends with his first attempt. And there will be more such instances in the upcoming episodes. Through this series get ready to experience Ladakh packed with adventure, hidden gems & unforgettable experiences like never before. 😊

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You may skip to the following points in the video for more information:

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Episode 4 – Failure
0:57 Arrival at Tirith Village, Nubra Valley
1:05 Day 1
1:21 Why Tirith
2:22 How do I upskill myself in the ever-changing industry (ad)
3:30 I spotted Himachali apples in Ladakh
4:20 Process of apple winemaking
5:10 Day 2
5:50 You get to pick your own veggies in Nubra
6:11 Breakfast in the most ethereal set-up!
7:27 Plan for the day
7:53 Sumur sand dunes (bucket-list alert)
10:00 Do you know what light painting is?
10:30 Picnic lunch at Yarab Tso
11:50 We were on the road to Siachen
13:17 Murgi waterfalls
13:44 BTS of the light painting
14:18 Bonfire in Nubra valley
14:28 The best gift I ever received from a fellow creator 🙂
14:46 I sipped on apricot vodka
15:30 Ashwin showed us how it’s done!
16:00 Outro

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This is an original video series #LostInLadakh by Tanya Khanijow
Shot by Micheal Negi, Eshan Joshi, Ashwin and Tanya
Edited by – Micheal Negi & Tanya Khanijow
Drone shots by – Ashwin KC
Produced by Tanya Khanijow

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