How to buy best Health Insurance and Mediclaim policy in India? A complete and true picture of Health Insurance and Mediclaim explained in detail in hindi.
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Time Stamps:
2:15 Benefits of Health Insurance
4:26 Features of Health insurance
9:58 How much Health Cover to take?
11:33 How to buy Health Insurance
12:35 Live Demo
About the Video:
Life is precious and so buying health insurance policy or Mediclaim policy could be a very difficult decision for us as we all would want to buy the best health insurance policy in India for ourselves. With different medical insurance policy in India, different term insurance policies, several claiming to be the best health insurance; There are a lot of options out there in the market to confuse us. To really buy the best policy for ourselves we need to know all about medical insurance, health insurance plans with a comparative analysis of Mediclaim vs health insurance. So, Asset Yogi brings you this video with Mediclaim explained in Hindi, details of health insurance in Hindi, a live demo of how to buy health insurance from policy bazaar explaining how to buy health insurance online easily with just a few clicks.

In this video, we have explained;
1. What is Health Insurance?
2. Why should we buy Health Insurance Policy?
3. What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?
4. What are the things included in health insurance plans?
5. Is Corporate Insurance sufficient?
6. What are the features of Health Insurance?
7. How to buy the best health insurance policy?
8. Should we buy the Cheapest Health Insurance Policy?
9. What are the tax benefits on Health Insurance?
10. What are Pre-Existing Diseases?
11. What is the waiting period, if we buy a policy?
12. What are restoration benefits?
13. What is Top-up and Super Top-Up Cover?
14. How much cover should we take?
15. Should we take an individual plan or family plan?
16. What is No Claim Bonus?
17. How to buy health insurance online?
18. How to compare insurance?
19. What is Claim Settlement Ratio?
20. What is Incurred Claim Ratio?

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