These 10 assets make money regularly and can make you rich. What is an Asset practically? What are the types of assets that can make you rich in the long term? Let us understand in this video.
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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:42 – What is an Asset?
2:15 – Asset #1
3:05 – Asset #2
4:35 – Asset #3
5:22 – Asset #4
5:52 – Asset #5
6:43 – Asset #6
7:26 – Asset #7
8:16 – Asset #8
9:00 – Asset #9
9:58 – Asset #10
About the Video:
Asset is a dynamic word that literally depicts something that is useful and valuable. If we consider the definition given to us by Robert Kiyosaki, in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, we would gather that asset is anything that puts money in our pockets. So, a valuable asset would be something that not just puts money in our pockets but also helps us in creating wealth. Wealth creation is a way in which we create a pool of assets that are self sufficient to generate a stable source of income. But then how do you generate wealth and how can you come to know of the assets that make you wealthy? The answer lies in good financial education and correct financial planning of investing in assets that make you rich.
So today in this video, we will look at the money making assets or in other words the right assets to become rich. Let us discuss the 10 assets that make you rich and how they will help in long term wealth creation.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. What is an asset?
2. What are the types of assets that make money?
3. How to become rich?
4. Which assets make you rich?
5. How do businessmen get rich?
6. How to learn financial planning as a beginner?
7. How can investing in real estate give higher returns?
8. How to become a millionaire or how to become a billionaire?
9. How to make money online or assets that help in online money making.
10. Which is better; Stock Market vs Own Business vs Real Estate investing?
11. Do you get better returns from FD, corporate fd and bonds?
12. Is it better to invest in gold and silver or in stocks or mutual funds or the share market?
13. How do copyrights, trademarks and patents have wealth creation potential?
14. Can Commodity trading make you rich?
15. How can today’s gold investments and silver investments make you rich in long term?
16. How to gain quality financial education and become rich?
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