Recession coming up in India in 2020? Will there be Shares & Stock Market in 2020? While economy is in bad shape due to Coronavirus situation, Share Markets are going up like there is no problem. Why Stock Markets & Economy are moving in opposite direction in India?

Although lockdown in India is being eased, Unemployment rate in India is at its peak and GDP is expected to decline by 20-25% in first quarter of FY 2020-21. Also, coronavirus cases are increasing in India at a very fast pace. This can lead to a highly uncertain economic situation for India.

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In this Video we have explained:
What is Recession?
How deep the recession can be in 2020 in India?
Will stock market crash in India?
Few share market basics for beginners about recessions, share market crashes and its links with Economic indicators like GDP growth rate, Unemployment Rate, Nifty PE ratio etc.

We have compared our current economic situation with the situation of:
1. 2008 Financial Crisis
2. Dot Com Bubble Bust of 2000
3. 1929 The Great Depression

We will see reasons of Bullish View and Bearish View in current economic situation in India in 2020.

Every beginner who is learning Stock Market basics, must understand economic cycles of Booms and Recessions.

Hopefully after watching this video on Recession and Share market Crash in India, you will be able to make an opinion on:
1. What will be the likely economic scenario after the lockdown and the current Stock Market rally of the past 2 months
2. Possibility of high unemployment rates in short term
3. Likely GDP growth rates of India in 2020-21
4. How much the share market can fall during a recession?
5. Time it takes for the Stock Market to bottom out

We have also highlighted the reasons of Bullish views and Bearish views in the current situation
Bullish View
1. Vaccine Trials are underway
2. Lockdown Restrictions are getting Eased
3. Economic Stimulus Package may help
4. Fundamentals of Indian Economy are good
5. Bad News is Already Factored In the Price
Bearish View
1. Increasing Corona Cases
2. This Stock Market Rally may be a Bull Trap
3. Stock Markets are currently Overvalued
Nifty PE – 23.91
S&P PE – 22.90
4. Bad Economic Data on Unemployment Rate, GDP Growth Rate, Corporate Earnings
5. Less Spending by people during recession

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